Kalte Nacht – The Last Breath Description:

L A S T  B R E A T H comes bearing unifying forces, led by newfound courage, determination, deeper understanding, and tenderness. Trust.
It’s this breath we take each time we let go of old ways of being, that last breath before the birthing of the new.

Set in a not-so-distant dystopian future, KALTE NACHT act as climate warriors, representing the few remaining human beings left alive. The music video’s backdrop is a city ravaged by continuous natural disasters, where a digital high-surveillance authoritarian regime has taken control.

Director – Adam Csoka Keller
Producer – Thanasis Michalopoulos
DOP and Drone Operator – Aris Ziotopoulos
Camera Assistant – Arsinoi Pilou
VFX Artist – Simon Kounovsky
Editor – Nikki Powell
Colourist – Manthos Sardis
Styling – Andreas Yakovlev Michaelides
Hair & Make-Up – Ioanna Domazaki
Art Director – Yasmina Kurunis
Set Dressing Assistant – Dimitris Armenakis
Set Dressing Assistant – Ourania Mamalis
Production Assistant – Vivi Tsoliakou

Written & Performed by Kalte Nacht
Myrto Stylou – Vocals & Synths
Nikos Konstantinidis – Synths & Programming
Engineered & Mixed By Nikos Triantafyllou Sonic Playground
Additional Mixing & Mastering By Iraklis Vlahakis

Athens, 2024