NOWNESSxARMANI – Future Bright Description:

A branded short film in collaboration with NOWNESS presenting a new sustainable vision for the EMPORIO ARMANI Spring/Summer 23 collection, takes us on a journey through a planetary cycle from sunrise to sunset. At the creative root of the film lies a true celebration of our home planet, with a particular emphasis on protecting the immense value of our natural environment.

Everything is in constant flux and motion, never fully static, just like nature itself. Through a series of organically choreographed movements, the dancers experience the different forms of the environment; They grow deep roots like a tree, standing firm as a mountain, moving freely with the breeze and mimicking bird courting rituals. An ecstatic release of energy ultimately brings us back to our origins; the theory of human evolution and the unity of life.

As a species, we stand at a collective crossroads, and the choice is getting clearer. Reconnect with nature and each other to nurture a thriving planet for future generations, or sleepwalk through an already wounded and fragile ecosystem. It is a choice each of us has to make individually, yet our choice will determine humanity’s future.